February 12, 2016

AccessAir hits the ground again

Des Moines-based “AccessAir” is grounded, for good. The second incarnation of “AccessAir” shut down yesterday. The start-up airline’s principle backer, John Ruan III, said he was “deeply disappointed” but low passenger loads and lack of money doomed the business. Ruan said the airline’s 7-37s were too big and too expensive to maintain.AccessAir’s assets will be sold to pay its debts.Over four thousand passengers have tickets for AccessAir flights that were supposed to take off in the next 50 days. AccessAir’s managers say ticket-holders should contact their credit card company and cancel payment. Just under 10 percent of passengers paid for those unused AccessAir tickets with cash or a check, though, and they will have to file a claim with the bankruptcy court. AccessAir’s assets will be sold to pay its debts.

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