November 30, 2015

Snowmobilers happy to see the white stuff fall

Snowmobiles on the trail. (DNR Photo)

Snowmobiles on the trail. (DNR Photo)

Virtually all of Iowa is under a blanket of white after two snowstorms in a little over a week, much to the delight of snowmobilers.

Cass County Recorder Joyce Jensen says the state has made some changes in snowmobile registration, license renewal and titling.

Jensen says your snowmobile needs to be registered very soon as they are due by December 31st, if you want to avoid a penalty. In addition she says, there are some new requirements when it comes to using snowmobiles on public land.

Jensen says all snowmobiles, regardless of owner residency status, that are used on public land, public ice or designated snowmobile trails in Iowa, must display an Iowa DNR User Permit — something new in our state.

Those user permits are required in addition to a valid registration. Jensen says the state also requires insurance cards or proof of insurance in order for snowmobiles to be used on the highways.

There are new rules as well regarding the use of snowmobiles for what’s called water skipping. Download a copy of the state’s official snowmobile rules and regulations guide at:

By Ric Hanson, KJAN, Atlantic

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