February 11, 2016

Drake outscored late, loses to Illinois State

Drake’s brief winning streak came to an end after a late game collapse at home. The Bulldogs were outscored by Illinois State 28-8 to close out the game in a 94-86 loss in the Knapp Center.

Drake coach Mark Phelps on his post game show on KRNT in Des Moines says it was a “very tough” loss as they did not finish the game at both ends of the court. The Bulldogs led by 16 in the opening half but gave up 54 second half points to Illinois State.

Phelps says Illinois State got 32 out 36 free throws and also got layups as he says the defense did not come through and that added with turnovers led to the loss.

Drake falls to 5-7 in the Valley.

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