July 8, 2015

Iowa Cubs see rare doubleheader snow postponement

For the second straight night the Iowa Cubs have  had their baseball game  postponed by snow. The I-Cubs were to have played Oklahoma City this evening.

Iowa Cubs spokesman Randy Wehofer says this is something they normally expect near the opening of the season, not one month in. He says this is the time of the season when the weather is usually getting better. “It’s frustrating and disappointing, but from a big picture standpoint, there’s still a lot of the season left,” Wehofer says.

He says it makes it difficult for the players to get into any sort of routine when there are so many cancellations.

Wehofer says postponing a game because of snow is a rare occurrence.

“We’ve probably had one in the last couple of years, but early. Two in a row in May is unprecedented. I think that’s the big thing about this whole deal is the fact that we turned the calendar to May two days ago and we’re still dealing with this,” Wehofer says.

He says the club hopes people will be anxious to get out once the snow melts and attendance will be up for the next homestand.

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