February 7, 2016

Mass murderer kills himself in Iowa prison

A mass murderer has killed himself in an Iowa prison.

In 2001 Adam Matthew Moss pled guilty to killing seven people in Sioux City, including his girlfriend and her five children. Investigators say he bludgeoned the children to death in their sleep with a hammer. He hit his girlfriend with the hammer, too, but also slit her throat.

Moss also killed a 58-year-old Sioux City man. Moss had worked for the man in the past.

The crime happened when Moss was 23 years old. He was 35 years old when he died Wednesday afternoon. Authorities say Moss hung himself with a bed sheet. Moss was inside a “clinical care unit” at the time of his suicide. The unit is used to keep inmates with psychiatric issues away from the general prison population.

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