February 5, 2016

Schweitzer warns Democrats against “looking in the rear view mirror” in 2016

Brian Schweitzer, the former governor of Montana, says his fellow Democrats should have an election “not a coronation” in 2016 — a direct shot a former First Lady Hillary Clinton, the perceived front-runner should she choose to run.

“We’re a democracy and we don’t just choose the royal families,” Schweitzer said this morning. “…Gosh, we had Bush, Bush, Bush and Clinton, Clinton and now we’re talking about a Bush or a Clinton again and I think in America we’re always looking for leadership that takes us to the future and we’re not often looking in the rear view mirror for our leadership.”

Schweitzer is in the midst of a three-day visit to Iowa, saying he wants to ensure Democrats don’t “make the same mistakes of the past.” He’s criticized then-Senator Clinton’s vote for the war in Iraq and he’s been calling President Obama a “corporatist” for the way the Affordable Care Act was written.

“The corporate interests were able to go to Washington, D.C. and get the bill that they wanted, one where the taxpayers of this country — us, the individuals — are now guaranteeing the profits of the health insurance companies,” Schweitzer said today. “This health care bill can be fixed.”

Schweitzer said individuals who cannot get private insurance should be allowed to “buy their way into Medicare.” Schweitzer made his comments during taping of the “Iowa Press” program which will air next week on Iowa Public Television, on Friday evening the 27th.

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