February 9, 2016

American Petroleum Institute urges Iowans to support a cut in ethanol

While Iowa officials are holding a hearing today encouraging everyone to speak out against a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to cut the  amount of ethanol required to be mixed with gasoline, the American Petroleum Institute is making recorded calls to Iowans urging them  to support the EPA proposal.

Here’s part of the message:

“The American Petroleum Institute. Special Interests groups are pushing the EPA to increase the amount of ethanol in our gasoline. The results could be higher food prices and damaged car engines. We need the EPA to stand up for American families and resist these extremists.  Let us send a letter to the EPA on your behalf. Tell the EPA they did the right thing for American consumers.”  

The recording allows recipients to simply press a number on their phones to send the letter they refer to in the recorded message.  The deadline for making comments on the EPA proposal is January 28th.

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