August 3, 2015

Indictment alleges thousands of hydrocodone pills sold illegally in Des Moines

Two men have been accused of illegally distributing a prescription pain killer from a Des Moines pharmacy. The indictment alleges Mark Graziano — the part owner of Bauder Pharmacy — and Michael Enloe conspired to distribute hydrocodone from the pharmacy.

Graziano is also charged with eleven counts of mail fraud and four counts of tax evasion. State officials say some 700,000 doses of hydrocodone could have been distributed illegally from the pharmacy. The Iowa Pharmacy Board suspended his license last April and revoked the pharmacy’s permit to sell narcotic painkillers.

The indictment says Graziano ordered more hydrocodone than needed and from multiple sources, and did not keep or got rid of records to try to avoid detection. It accuses Enloe of taking the medication and selling it to people without prescriptions.

The indictment says Graziano made deposits of nearly $780,000 to his account during the time the two were allegedly selling the hydrocodone.

Read more details here: Graziano and Enloe- Indictment PDF

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