August 30, 2015

Flooding poses some challenges for holiday recreation on the water

High water could be a problem if you are heading to a lake or river to do some swimming or boating during the holiday. Mary Skopec with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources beach monitoring program says flooding across the state will make swimming in some areas more dangerous. “When that water is more murky and has a lot of sediment or dirt in it, it’s harder to see people. Our advice tends to be if the water is really up and flooding, you wouldn’t want to go recreate in that because of the debris,” Skopec says.

She says it’s also best not to swim alone, even in clear water. “It’s always good to have a buddy or somebody that you’re with, so that if something were to happen you could get help,” Skopec says. Skopec says the flooding has washed a lot of debris into waterways and you should be careful while boating, otherwise you might find yourself in an unplanned swim. “If the water has receded and is back within the banks, you can certainly boat safely,” Skopec says. “Just be aware of any tree limbs that might be sticking out the water that you want to avoid.”

Skopec says you should call your local recreation area before heading out to see if the water is low enough to allow swimming and boating.

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