The last year of the 90s ended up being one of the Iowa’s warmest, according to state climatologist Harry Hillaker who says 1999 ended up being the 19th warmest year for Iowa in 127 years of record-keeping. Hillaker says 1999 had a rather split personality when it comes to the amount of precipitation Iowa received. It was the 9th wettest January through July and the 7th driest August through Decmeber. For 1999, Iowa’s warmth was accentuated by the 10th-warmest February, the 16th-warmest July and the warmest-ever November. As for the year ahead, Hillaker predicts 2000 likely won’t be much like 1999 as the second half of the year is expected to be cooler than usual.Hillaker says his office DID get bitten by some sort of Y-2-K bug over the weekend. While he lost no data, he says the date on one of his computers is off by 20 years and one day — it thinks today is January 4, 1980.