(Des Moines, IA) It’s debate season in the presidential campaign, with five debates in the next six days. On Saturday, there’s a face-off between democrats Bill Bradley and Al Gore set in Iowa, and a debate between the two is set this evening in New Hampshire.

Bradley contends that debates play a role, but not a major role in shaping voter’s opinions about the candidates.

“A campaign is a lot more than performing for people,” Bradley said during a conference call with Iowa reporters.

According to Bradley, a campaign is “dialogue with people, because only in dialogue do you actually get to hear from them as well as they hear from you.”

“I will attempt to outline my philosophy, which is that a president has to fight for people,” Gore said of his game-plan for debates.

Most political observers believe debates rarely serve as a decision-making point for voters, but merely reinforce voter attitudes about the candidates.

Here’s a schedule of the debates to be held in advance of the Iowa Caucuses:

Thursday, January 6: Republican candidates debate in New Hampshire.
Friday, January 7: Republican candidates debate in South Carolina.
Saturday, January 8: Democrat candidates debate in Iowa.
Monday, January 10: Republican candidates debate in Michigan.
Saturday, January 15: Republican candidates debate in Iowa.
Monday, January 17: Democrat candidates debate in Iowa.