Organized labor took its complaints about Clinton administration trade policy directly to Vice President Al Gore last night in Des Moines. Theforum was arranged by Gore’s presidential campaign staff. Gore began by saying he agreed with labor “only 88 percent of the time” but added that hebelieved in labor’s cause and would be prepared to fight for it if elected President. One U.A.W. member told Gore that “NAFTA doesn’t seem to beworking.” Gore said the recession in Mexico had made the trade relationship different than what had been expected. Gore told the crowd of over two-hundred that if they wanted perfection, to keep looking for another presidential candidate. Gore said while some U.S. jobs have been shipped to other countries, overall wages have gone up and unemployment has gone down during the Clinton/Gore administration.Gore talked about farm programs during a stop in Ames. The Vice President says federal farm programs should be expanded to provide a “safety net” for farmers. Gore discussed the issue yesterday during a speech at Iowa State University. Gore provided few specifics on how to achieve the goal of “lifting farm prices.” Gore got Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell’sendorsement yesterday. Boswell is the only Democrat in Iowa’s U-S House delegation.