Powerball players in Iowa will soon be able to buy their tickets a littlefaster. Game managers say they’re planning to change the rules and enableplayers to chose “cash” or “annuity” payout options -after- a big win,instead of having to declare beforehand.Iowa Lottery spokesman Joe Hrdlicka says the rule change is coming aboutthanks to a change in federal tax law.The “cash” option gives Powerball players an immediate lump sum while the”annuity” option provides for smaller payments over 20 years and a muchlarger final sum. Hrdlicka says players should appreciate the rule change.A public hearing is planned for this Thursday at 9 a-m at Iowa Lotteryheadquarters in Des Moines on this proposed rule change. Hrdlicka says noopposition is expected, but it is a chance for anyone to offer comments. Ifapproved, the rule change will take effect this summer.