Noticed any cigaratte billboards lately? Probably not — and the few thatlinger are about to disappear for good. Bob Brammer, spokesman for the IowaAttorney General, says the tobacco billboards have to be down by midnightThursday as part of the legal settlement with cigarette makers.The moves come as result of the 206-billion dollar agreement between tobaccocompanies, Iowa, and 45 other states to resolve claims over smoking-relatedhealth care costs. Brammer says the anti-smoking billboards that’ll be goingup to replace the cigarette ads will target both young and old people.Brammer expects the new billboards to be well received in Iowa.The state Attorney General’s office will be allowed to use the billboardsfor its anti-smoking messages through the duration of the contracts tobaccocompanies had with billboard companies. In some cases, Brammer says that’llbe through early next year.