Some Iowans are wondering “Could it happen here?” in the wake of yesterday’sviolence at a Colorado school that left 15 people dead and 28 injured. Oneleader of Iowa’s new Crisis Response Team says if a similar incident DIDhappen in our state, we’d be ready. Marti Anderson is chief of the CrimeVictims Assistance division of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office. Thedivision assembled the 65-member team of volunteers a few weeks ago torespond to just this sort of incident. Anderson says it’s reassuring to knowthe team is in place.The Iowa Crisis Response Team is made up of people from all walks of lifeand professions including: law enforcement, medicine, mental health,education and clergy. She says the team was “inspired” by tragedieselsewhere in the U-S.The team’s first assignment came last week as members were sent to Perry toconduct a community meeting following the deaths of three members of a localfamily in a Colorado plane crash.