A feud over campaign finance reform was waged in the Iowa Senate yesterday. The Senate approved a bill which re-establishes Iowa’s ban on corporatecontributions to politicians. But Republicans pushed through a proposalwhich requires associations and unions to get written permission each yearfor using a portion of dues for political purposes. Senator Jeff Lamberti,a republican from Ankeny, denied it was aimed at unions which havebankrolled democrats’ campaigns.Senator David MIller, a republican from Libertyville, supported theprovision. Miller says he represents individuals and everyone should have avoluntary choice.Governor Vilsack has vowed to veto the bill if the “paycheck protection”provision is included. Senator Mike Connolly, a democrat from Dubuque, saidthat means politicians will then be able to accept business contributions.Republican leaders in the House aren’t sure what will happen when the Houseconsiders the bill.