The mother of a Minden teenager talked today at the trial of the CouncilBluffs woman accused of causing his death. 26-year-old Carrie Block ischarged with supplying drugs to minors and involuntary manslaughter in theOctober death of Carl Salmons the Second of Minden. He died of a combinationof methadone and Xanex after spending part of a night at afriend’s house. The victim’s mother Sherry Salmons talked about trying toget her son out of bed the next morning.Mrs. Salmons called her husband and called police but the 9-1-1 dispatchercouldn’t talk her through reviving her 17-year-old son.She says the scene goes through her head again every day. The Salmons saythey’re going public with their story in hopes of saving other parents theagony they now feel.Carl Salmons Senior says his son was a good kid & they’d tried to get himto stop hanging out with his older friends. He says this type of downfallalways starts the same — with baggy pants and a bad attitude.