The Iowa legislature has adjourned for the year — and their work maydirectly affect your life in a number of ways. If you’re a parent or kid, your local school may hire a new elementaryteacher or two as a result of a bill which aims to decrease class sizes. The plan sends 150-million dollars to Iowa’s public schools over the nextfour years to reduce class sizes — and improve the reading abilities ofkids.If you’re caught drinking alcohol in a car on the way to a football game,you may be fined 50-bucks for having an “open container” in the passengerarea of the vehicle. Representative Chuck Larson, a republican from CedarRapids, says the state would have lost nearly seven million dollars infederal road building money if the change hadn’t been made.If you’re caught selling a joint or any small amount of pot to a friend, youwill be charged with drug dealing. Larson, the chairman of the HouseJudiciary Committee, says under the old law, those caught selling up to anounce of marijuana would only be fined two-hundred-50 bucks.