A U-S House committee released a 700-page document today laying out how theChinese allegedly stole U-S nuclear secrets. Iowa Congressman Tom Lathamsays Attorney General Janet Reno denied only one F-B-I wire tap request outof some two-thousand requests — and it dealt with the Chinese issue.Latham, a republican from Alexander, calls it “peculiar” that Reno would’vedenied only that one wire tap out of so many requests.One report alleges President Clinton knew of security lapses at U-Sfacilities and of the allegations about the Chinese spying three years ago,but didn’t act because it could have hurt his chances for re-election. Lathamsays there were obvious worries about donations from the Chinese to theClinton/Gore campaign.China says there’s no truth to the Congressional report that accuses itof spying. The Chinese government says the U-S is just trying to change thesubject, after bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.