While he talked with dozens of veterans and their families at MemorialDay services, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s perplexed that no oneasked him about the air attacks on Kosovo.Grassley says he was stumped that in the venue of veteran’s memorials, noone was interested in hearing his take on the Balkan war and that no one wassounding off about the bombings. The Iowa republican blames the Arkansasdemocrat in the White House for part of the lack of interest over Kosovo.He says the U-S stumbled into the war and the president hasn’t outlined aclear strategy for getting out.Grassley says he’s troubled that there’s no conversation about Kosovo inIowa, as thousands of U-S military personnel are in danger during every hourof the operation.Grassley presented medals to former prisoners of war on Monday during aceremony in Fredericksburg. During this recess week in Congress, Grassleyplans to visit and hold public meetings in 16 Iowa communities.