The muscle supplement homerun hitter Mark McGwire and other athletes use isbeing slammed in a study from Iowa State University. The report finds”andro” doesn’t build muscle but could increase the odds of developingpancreatic cancer and heart disease. I-S-U grad student Greg Brown did someof the leg work on the study.Brown helped round up the 20 participants in the study. Brown says each participant’s blood was tested and their strength evaluated.He says the drug didn’t increase testosterone levels, strength or bodycomposition.Brown says at the end of the eight-week period, the men who took “andro” hadlower readings of the cholesterol known as “H-D-L.” H-D-L is the so-calledgood cholesterol that helps prevent heart disease.”Andro” was in the news last fall when baseball star Mark McGwire confirmedhe was taking the supplement. Brown says none of the men in the I-S-U studystarted hitting home runs.The study, which was conducted in the spring of last year, is highlighted intoday’s edition of the Journal of American Medicine.