Hundreds of Iowans who had flooded homes last month are getting back intothose homes to salvage their belongings. Wet photo albums may not be coveredby insurance but have great personal value to most people. One expert sayswater-damaged photographs that’re stuck together can be saved.Joe Klocek is a spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency andhas helped many disaster victims save their family pictures. Klocek saysparticular care should be taken in the drying process of old photographs.Flood waters are full of toxins and so is the residue left behind when thewaters go down. Klocek says some leather and textile products can besalvaged after proper washing, while other things simply have to be junked.Items that CANNOT be saved include wallboard and fiberglass insulation.Klocek says mold & mildew can be removed using a solution of one parthousehold bleach & four parts water.