The front-runner in the race for the Republican party’s presidentialnomination is set to make his first campaign trip to Iowa on Saturday. Texas Governor George W. Bush will attend “invitation-only” events in CedarRapids, Amana and Des Moines. Bush will headline fundraisers forCongressmen Jim Nussle and Greg Ganske. All four republican Congressmen fromIowa have endorsed Bush.Ganske says there’s “tremendous enthusiasm” for Bush.Bush leaves Iowa Saturday night, headed for campaigning in anotherpolitically-important state: New Hampshire. While other candidates havebeen on the trail for months, even years, this is Bush’s first campaignexpedition. In a move which illustrates his family’s political savvy, Bushwill host a lobster bake for the more than one-hundred reporters and mediapersonnel who are traveling on to the east coast. Also on Saturday in Iowa,Elizabeth Dole, Lamar Alexander and John Kasich will speak at the World PorkExpo on the state fairgrounds. And this week, Steve Forbes and Dan Quaylewill be campaigning in the state.