A send-off rally is scheduled at midday today for the Iowa State Universitysolar-powered car team, which leaves tomorrow for the bi-annual competition.While many of the student-built cars resemble big silver bugs, teamspokesman Allen Ihlefeld says this year’s design is all new.The I-S-U car, “PrISUm Phoenix,” will face off against 16 other cars fromcolleges around the nation. Ihlefeld says the one-person vehicle is coveredwith 738 solar cells which convert sunlight to energy.The 13-hundred-40-mile race runs from Washington D-C to Orlando, Florida.It’ll be held June 20th through the 29th. Ihlefeld says the I-S-U team isstoked for a win, as they’re in the “pole” position this year, meaning,they’ll start the race first.Today’s send-off rally is slated for 11:30 a-m to 1:30 p-m on the south sideof the I-S-U Molecular Biology Building.