A handfull of presidential hopefuls are in Iowa this weekend, including thefront-runner in the Republican race.Republican candidates Lamar Alexander, John Kasich and Gary Bauer arecampaigning here today. Elizabeth Dole arrives tonight — and George W.Bush makes his initial entry into the fray on Saturday. Bush has been in”front-runner” status for months, but his Iowa campaign office opened up forbusiness just six weeks ago. Bush aides hint the Texas Governor will talkabout ag issues, particulary ethanol, a touchy topic for the former oilman. Iowa Press Secretary Eric Woolson’s hints are more vague.The pressure’s on Bush to turn in a flawless performance in this “openingnight” for his campaign. His rivals for the G.O.P.’s presidential nod havebeen hammering at Bush this week, questioning his readiness and his standson issues. When asked to respond, Woolson said it’s just campaign chatter.Bush is expected to draw a few thousand people to events in Amana and Des Moines. One of those who’ll be on hand to support Bush is Burt Day ofNorway, Iowa, a long-time “moderate” in the G.O.P.Day served on the Iowa Republican Party’s central committee until he wasousted by conservatives. Day says Bush is more “electable” than candidatesof the conservative bent.Day believes Bush can be an attractive candidate to both conservatives andmoderates within the party.