In 1909, Alice Ramsey drove from New York City to San Francisco becoming thefirst woman to drive across the country in a motor vehicle. To commemoratethe 90th anniversary of the event, two automotive journalists began drivingthe same route on June 9th in New York City. Sue Mead and Tara Bankus Melloentered the state of Iowa on June 11th and spent the night in Cedar Rapids. Mead and Mello reviewed Ramsey’s journal prior to beginning their trip. They found that she experienced the roughest roads and the worst weatherwhile she travelled through Iowa. Mead says that their journal entry about their experience in Iowa will be agood one.Mead and Mellow are expected to complete their trip on June 17th when theyarrive in San Fransisco. 1999 marks the 100th anniversary of the firstwoman to drive an automobile in America.