Iowans can learn about the life of the state’s most famous artist at aone-day-only event tomorrow. The Grant Wood Art Festival is expected to drawlarge crowds to Stone City, between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. Marguerite Stowl is on the Festival Board of Directors, she says besideslooking over the works of the 70-some artisans, she says there are plenty ofother things to do at the festival.While most people only know Wood’s “American Gothic,” many of his otherpaintings are on display, including “Daughters of Revolution.” Stowl says the painting was Wood’s response to critics when he came underfire for using a certain type of stained glass for a project in CedarRapids.A replica of the house in “American Gothic” has been built in Stone City, infront of which will be cut-outs into which visitors can stick their heads soit looks like they’re “in” the painting. The original house is in Eldon.