Governor Vilsack has been appointed to a national commission on trade, apost he hopes will help achieve his goal of making Iowa the “Food Capital ofthe World.” Vilsack will serve on the “United States IntergovernmentalPolicy Advisory Committee,” along with mayors and other governmentofficials.Vilsack serves on the panel at the invitation of President Clinton and theU.S. Trade Representative — a role he says is part of his own larger effortto position Iowa as a leader in ag trade and food production.Vilsack says he’s “anxious to sell Iowa” to boost the ag economy. He saysfailure will allow Iowa’s population growth to lag behind the nation — andworker shortages will worsen.Vilsack says the world population will reach six-billion this October –and is projected to reach seven-billion in the next decade. Vilsack saysIowa can and should position itself as a leader in providing food by, forinstance, boosting ag research.On July 12th, U.S. Ag Secretary Dan Glickman will be in Des Moines to host a”listening session” about the World Trade Organization.In the fall, Vilsack will travel to the Far East to promote Iowa products inthat region.