A 14-year-old Utah boy’s national crusade to spur organ donation nationwidetook him to the lawn of the Iowa Statehouse today. Ryan Tripp is travelingto every U.S. Capitol — and mowing the lawns on each capitol’s grounds tofocus attention on the issue. It all started last summer when Tripp drovehis lawn mower from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Washington, D.C., to help raisemoney for an infant girl who needed a liver transplant.Tripp is traveling the country in a motor home, pulling a trailer with two,bright red, 25-horsepower riding mowers. The stop in Des Moines marks his17th state capitol.Tripp’s two retired grandfathers are driving him around the country. IfTripp mows at least one-thousand square feet at each state capitol, he earnshimself a place in the Guiness Book of World Records. If he wasn’ttraveling around this summer mowing statehouse lawns, Tripp says he’d behome mowing lawns in his Salt Lake City neighborhood.