The Iowa State University solar car finished the national sunrayceunofficially in fifth place out of 29 cars. The race ended today in Orlando,Florida where I-S-U team captain Allen Ihlefeld says they’re enjoying theirbest finish ever.The I-S-U car came out of the qualifying races in the top spot, but Ihlefeldsays the abundant clouds and rain hurt them early on.He says their top five finish is due to a lot preparation.Ihlefeld says the team will take some time off in Florida before returninghome.The I-S-U team finished the 13-hundred-40 mile journey with and averagespeed of almost 22 miles-an-hour. The winner of the race was the Universityof Missouri-Rolla. That’s the school where Martin Jischke was presidentbefore leaving to become the president of I-S-U.