Billionaire magazine publisher Steve Forbes is spending lots of dough on mail, phone calls and advertisements to encourage Iowans to support his bidfor the presidency. If you’ve gotten mail lately from Steve Forbes, you’re not alone. TheForbes camp is engaged in what one staffer will only describe as an”extensive” direct mail campaign to Iowans who have voted Republican in aprimary election. That’s up to three times larger than the group mostother presidential campaigns target — the 125-thousand Iowans who have ahistory of going to a neighborhood caucus meeting in January. The Forbestarget list could be as large as 400-thousand, according to party officials.In the past two weeks, Forbes has sent not one, not two but FIVE differentmailings to folks on his list. One flier focuses on health care, anotheroutlines the Forbes plan on Social Security and of course there’s one on hisbedrock issue: tax reform. In addition to the mail, a computerized dialingsystem employed by the Forbes campaign delivers a telephone message fromForbes himself.