Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer is calling for an end to ALLfederal funding for Planned Parenthood. Bauer says the federal government extends over 150-million dollars toPlanned Parenthood for “family planning” services. He says taxpayersshouldn’t be giving money to an organization that conducts abortions, evenif the money isn’t being directly used for the procedure. Despite publishedreports which suggest he’s laying the groundwork for a third-party campaign,Bauer is also denying any interest in running as a third-party candidate.Bauer is a staunch opponent of abortion who is critical of republicanfront-runner George W. Bush. Bush, while an opponent of abortion, hasrefused to pledge to only appoint justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who willoverturn Roe V. Wade. On Saturday, Bauer visited a site in Davenport wherea Planned Parenthood clinic will open. On Sunday, Bauer campaigned in CedarRapids.