Vice President Al Gore says American farmers need an immediate “cashinfusion” to get through the crisis caused by historically low prices forcommodities like corn, pork and beans. Gore met Wednesday afternoon with about a dozen Iowa farmers to talk aboutthe situation. While avoiding specifics, Gore said he would be involved indeveloping an emergency farm aid package, along with Congressional leadersand the U.S. Ag Secretary. Gore said there’s a need to re-write portions ofthe Freedom to Farm Act, but he said that should come later.Representatives of the National Farmers Organization, the Iowa Farmers Unionand the Iowa Corn Growers were there. The Farm Bureau did not have arepresentative at the meeting. Earlier Wednesday, Gore outlined a series ofsteps he says will curb crime in Rural America. Among his ideas: hiring100 new D.E.A. agents to track “meth” makers and dealers in rural areas andgiving small, rural towns some high-tech computer software to trackcriminals.Gore made those remarks in Waukee. His farm meeting was in Cedar Rapids.