Hundreds of grocery and convenience store clerks across Iowa are beingtrained this week about the importance of “carding” people before they buytobacco. Training seminars are being beamed to store managers & employees in all99 counties over the Iowa Communications Network. Janet Zwick, director ofthe state health department’s substance abuse division, says there’re manyreasons why Iowa is failing to keep tobacco products away from minors:A survey last year found 36-percent of Iowa minors could buy tobacco. Unlessthat number is brought down to 25-percent, the state could lose 5-milliondollars in federal funding for substance abuse treatment programs. Zwicksays the process of carding someone shouldn’t be that hard, but it is:Zwick says peer pressure is also a factor for younger clerks. She says theclerks are learning about the laws, how to spot fake I-Ds, and how torespond in difficult situations when minors try to buy tobacco. The freeseminars are running today through Thursday.