During a stop last night in Clear Lake, Republican presidential candidateGeorge W. Bush rebuffed questions about possible drug use. Senate Democrat Leader Tom Daschle yesterday chided the Washington, D.C.media, saying rumors that Bush once used cocaine haven’t been fullyinvestigated by reporters. During a question-and-answer session last nightin Clear Lake, Bush said he would refuse to play — in his words — thisgame of gotcha politics. It’s a phrase Bush has used before to deflectunflattering questions about his past. Bush says he can assure the Americanpeople that when he places his hand on the Bible and is sworn in asPresident, he’ll uphold the integrity of the office.During a speech to a crowd of over 500, Bush applauded a tax cut plan beingpursued by Republicans in Congress.Bush is expected to win the August 14th Iowa Straw Poll handily, and Bushcourted voters by shaking hands and posing for pictures for more than anhour.Bush meets this morning with Iowa Hispanic leaders. Bush has recently beencriticized for failing to accept invitations in other states to meet withHispanic voters.