The State Racing and Gaming Commission today delayed a request to temporarilyblock the addition of new slot machines to Prairie Meadows race track inAltoona. Southern Iowa Gaming requested the delay, saying the Prairie Meadowsexpansion will hurt the start-up of its new casino boat in Osceola. Racingand Gaming chairman Bill Hansen says the commission didn’t have enoughinformation to act on the request.The Osceola boat is expected to open for business December 15th. Hansensays the commission’s lawyer advised them not to take any action at thistime.The commission met today in Sioux City and will hear the request for thestay at its September meeting. The commission last month gave PrairieMeadows the go ahead to add 100 new slot machines, but said they must waituntil October of 2000 to add 236 more. That decision came after vigorousopposition from Southern Iowa Gaming President William Grace. Southern IowaGaming has also filed suit in Clarke County District Court trying to blockthe Prairie Meadows expansion.