The State Fire Marshal says the explosion in the southeastern Iowa town ofRichland Monday was one of the deadliest in state history. Seven people diedin the explosion, which also injured six. The Fire Marshal says theinvestigation is centering on an L-P gas tank. Richland City Clerk BillAnderson has lived in the town since 1962. He says its 522 residents arerallying around the victims.The home of Juanita (wah-nee’-tuh) and Jerry Usovsky (you-sawv-skee) was atthe very south edge of town and Anderson says many are talking about howthings could have been worse.As it is, Anderson says residents are stunned by the destruction of thehome.Officials say it will be several days before identification can be made ofthe victims. Richland is in Keokuk County, about 30 miles northeast ofOttumwa.