Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is traveling across the state today to pushhis plan for spending part of Iowa’s share of the federal tobacco companysettlement. Miller wants to use just over 20-million dollars for smokingprevention and education programs that counter-market tobacco ads, sendingthe message that it’s not cool to smoke.Miller’s plan also includes help for people to quit smoking and money toenforce laws preventing the sale of tobacco to minors. Legislators rejecteda plan submitted by Miller in the last legislative session, saying theypreferred to wait until the money was in hand. There were also questionsabout the amount of money Miller wants. Miller says the money is onlytwo-percent of the one-Billion dollars the state loses to tobacco-relatedillnesses each year. Miller says it’s a moral issue because tobacco-relateddeaths are clearly preventable. Miller presented his plans at the statecapitol this morning. He travels to Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City andCouncil Bluffs today to push his message to the public.Iowa is scheduled to get the first payment in the settlement of just over76-million dollar by June 30th of next year.