Iowa-grown pork was the centerpiece of aDes Moines restaurant meal servedtoday to spotlight an effort to boost the use of Iowa-grown produce. A task force appointed by the state ag secretary seeks to increase theamount of Iowa-grown produce and meat used in restaurants and kitchensthroughout the state. About 20 percent of fruits and vegetables eaten inIowa are grown here — and the task force wants to expand that.Drake University law professor Neal Hamilton, a small-market farmer whosells garden produce was the task force leader. Forcing governmentinstitutions, like prisons and schools, to serve as much Iowa-grown food aspossible is one idea. The task force also wants to launch a campaign whichencourages Iowans to spend at least 10-dollars each week on local foods.Secretary of Agriculture Patty Judge called the task force recommendationsan excellent start.Larry Cleverley of Mingo was a task force member whose Jasper County farmproduces tons of garden produce, some of which was used for today’s meal.Today’s meal was served at Bistro 43, a restaurant owned by Jeremy Morrow,who was the chef.