Several thousand freshman adjust to college life each fall at the Universityof Iowa — but for ten new U-of-I students, college life started before theygraduated from high school. A new program called the “National Academy forthe Arts, Sciences, and Engineering” allows exceptional high school studentsto get a head start on their future. Nicolas Colangelo oversees the program.The ten students came from Colorado, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa for theNAASE program. Colangelo says they are very intelligent students who wereready for more than high school had to offer.The NAASE students are a part of the honors program, and live on the honorsfloor in the dormitories. He says they are handling college nicely.The students can pick any major, but Colangelo says they lean toward thesciences. He hopes they will stay at U of I all four years and throughoutgraduate school. Their high schools are coopering with the program — most ofthe students will return to their high schools for prom and graduation nextspring.