A delegation from Yamanashi, Japan, is in Iowa today to attend the 12thannual “Governor’s Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease”. Iowa Department ofElder Affairs Director Judith Conlin says the Japanese will share ideas onhelping Alzheimer’s patients.The disease hits the victim’s brain and robs the memory. Conlin saysAlzheimer’s is a very tough disease for Japanese families because of thereverence they show for their elders. Conlin says there are periodic advances in the study of Alzhiemer’s, but sofar there’s no cure.One out of every two people above the age of 85 are affected by Alzheimer’s.She says there is progress in getting people to understand Alzheimer’sDisease.Former president Ronald Reagan’s public announcement that he suffers fromAlzheimer’s Disease has helped bring national attention to the disease. Theconference runs today and tomorrow in Des Moines.