A recently-discovered attraction in eastern Iowa has won a 50-thousand dollar state grant to better develop itself for tourism. The Devonian Fossil Gorge in North Liberty has attracted 600-thousand people since it was found in 1993 and its popularity continues to grow.David Lyons, the director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development, says that gorge depicts what the ancient seafloor looked like 375-million years ago. It’s located between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids in Johnson County. Lyons says from the dark cloud of the 1993 Iowa floods, the silver lining of the gorge emerged.Lyons says the 50-thousand-dollar grant will be used to build up the gorge area so even more tourists will be able to enjoy its unusual characteristics and the lore of ancient landscapes.The gorge is one of only two places in the U-S where the public can get a look at this type of a prehistoric landform.