The U-S Secretary of Agriculture can’t do any more “foot-dragging” on mandatory price reporting, according to Congressman Tom Latham. The Iowa republican says Secretary Dan Glickman delayed enforcing the new law requiring meatpackers to report livestock prices, claiming the U-S-D-A didn’t have the money for it. Latham says he has put authorizing language and funds into the budget agreement so the Ag secretary has to move forward.Latham was the chief sponsor of the bill. He expects the move that authorizes the spending of four-point-seven million dollars on price reporting to spark Glickman to immediately start the program.Latham says there has been confusion about how many times a day meatpackers will be required to report the prices they’re paying for livestock. Latham says packers will report prices three times a day. U-S-D-A will report the prices to the public twice a day. Producers say the law will ensure the market stays competitive.on Friday.