The American Farm Bureau says the cost of the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal is up for the eighth straight year. Aaron Putze is a spokesperson for the Iowa Farm Bureau.He says the meal will cost thirty-three dollars and eighty-three cents, up 74-cents from last year. The survey checks the prices on ten traditional Thanksgiving Day items. Putze says the centerpiece of the meal showed the most increase.The price of the 16-pound turkey jump 52-cents — the largest increase of any of the items in the survey. He says the increase in turkey prices helps Iowa producers, but comes at the expense of producers in another state.Much of the increase in the turkey price is due to the weather problems in North Carolina. Putze says you’re still getting a bargain when it comes to the turkey day meal.Milk showed the second highest increase in the survey, up 32-cents a gallon over last year. Some of the other items in the meal include: peas, sweet potatoes, celery, carrots, pumpkin pie, cranberries.