Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush re-stated his support of “free trade” yesterday in Iowa, as protestors in Washington state were disrupting the World Trade Organization meeting. During taping of Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press,” Bush said he won’t allow “anti-free traders” to scuttle the international expansion of trade.Bush questioned whether Vice President Al Gore could stand firm against organized labor’s demands about trade concessions. He says he’s not sure what Gore’s position will be under the pressure of the the A-F-L/C-I-O. The A-F-L/C-I-O staged a massive demonstration in Seattle at the W-T-O meeting. Vice President Al Gore held a town meeting in Sioux City Wednesday as part of his campaign for the democrat presidential nomination. Gore denounced the violence that’s taken place at the World Trade Organization talks in Seattle. Gore says a small number of people are responsible. Gore says he doesn’t see a big conflict between his support of free trade and the support he gets from unions. He says some of those who support him in organized labor do so in spite of his support of free trade. Gore spoke on a variety of other topics including campaign finance reform.Gore says broadcasters should provide free advertising for qualified candidates because broadcasters got their licenses for free from the government.