Iowans are losing their “cyber-phobias” and are now embracing developing technology, according to a survey by Mason-Dixon Polling. The survey questioned more than 600 voters statewide about the importance of the computer and software industries and related fields.Jonathan Zuck is president of Americans for Technology Leadership, a Washington D-C-based consumer group which paid for the poll. Zuck says 78 percent of Iowans polled favor attracting more high-tech jobs to the state — and for the government to stay out of the industry once the companies are brought in.Zuck says the poll found 67 percent of Iowans say the U-S lawsuit against Microsoft is a waste of time, while 69 percent think the computer software giant has created quality products and more consumer opportunities. Zuck says the results of the poll are being forwarded to all major political candidates.Three times as many Iowans said they’d likely NOT vote for a candidate who talked about increasing government regulation or litigation in the high-tech industry. To see the entire survey or to sign a petition supporting high technology, go to the group’s website: