Iowa Agriculture Secretary Patty Judge released a list of initiatives Wednesday she would like to see the legislature address this year. One of the top proposals would help Iowans increase the value of the products they produce.Judge is proposing the legislature create a 10-million dollar revolving loan fund to help Iowans add value to their products. Judge’s plan also includes letting any Iowan contribute to the loan fund to help finance the plan and get a tax credit.Judge says anyone who donates 500 dollars would get a 500 dollar tax credit spread over 10 years. Judge says the investment by Iowans would help ease the cost to the state general fund. Judge is also pushing a program to help replace the large number farmers who are retiring.Judge says she will also partner with the governor in his plan to spend 11-million dollars to clean up Iowa streams and rivers.Judge says the things she is asking for from the state legislature would increase her budget by two million dollars.