An eastern Iowa family of five today claimed the largest jackpot ever won in Iowa. 59-year old Larry Hasken of Sabula his wife, two sons and a daughter stopped by the state lottery office in Des Moines to collect a check for 16-million dollars, their take after taxes from the nearly 32-million dollar “Powerball” jackpot. Hasken told reporters it still hadn’t sunk in yet.Hasken says the family pooled their money to buy tickets each week. He purchased the tickets because he says he’s always had the most luck.Hasken’s wife Saraan they’ve all had trouble sleeping since learning last weekend they were winners. She says she didn’t believe her husband when he told her they’d won. Once she decided he was serious, she phoned her mother.Larry Hasken went on vacation from his job with the Union Pacific railroad the day after finding out he’d won. He says he won’t return to work. Saraan says she wants to quit her job too, but hasn’t been ablt to yet. She says she likes the people she’s working with and it’s tough to leave.One of Hasken’s sons owns a meat processing business and says the money will help him get rid of a large amount of debt. The other son also works at the Union Pacific and wants to keep working. Hasken’s daughter Michelle says she will cut back to part-time at her x-ray technicians job.