Long-shot G-O-P candidate Orrin Hatch today lashed out at the media for the way it’s characterizing the presidential race.During an interview with K-C-O-B radio in Newton, Hatch criticized what he called “the eastern liberal press” for telling people the race is among George W. Bush, John McCain and Steve Forbes.Hatch said while the other candidates have been making promises, he’s been doing things as a member of the U-S Senate representing Utah.Hatch said he’s shooting to finish in the top three on Caucus Night.Also today, republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer lashed out at his rivals for “going soft” on China. Bauer says China is an evil empire which cannot be coddled by open-market policies.Bauer says China has stolen military secrets, tried to influence the last presidential election, and has renewed a crack-down on Christians in China.Bauer says China’s presence in Panama is a significant security problem.