The two democrat candidates for President agreed on most every civil rights issue discussed last night in Des Moines at a “Brown/Black” forum. Democrats Bill Bradley and Al Gore both said homosexuals should receive civil rights protections.In response to a question, both said they would “consider” minority candidates for openings on the U-S Supreme Court, as well as other high-ranking positions within government. Both criticized the professional baseball player who made racist statements during an interview with a magazine reporter. Bradley, who himself was a pro-basketball player, said he “wouldn’t be disappointed” if the Atlanta Braves fired John Rocker Gore said he “didn’t disagree” with Bradley, but Gore said the pitcher might be able to redeem himself, with work. He says he condemns what Rocker said, but Gore says Rocker should be given a chance to overcome what he has said with love, forgiveness and redemption.Their sharpest exchange came over the topic of “racial profiling” in which minorities are targeted by police, regardless of their proximity to the crime being investigated. Gore said on his first day as President, he’d issue an executive order outlawing racial profiling. Bradley said the Vice President should walk down the hall and get President Clinton to sign the order today. Last night’s forum was the final face-to-face candidate appearance before next Monday’s Caucuses.